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Lani has been a licensed LMT for over 20 years and founded Pure Knead Massage, an award-winning, accredited massage company boasting a roster of 120+ therapists. With a track record of catering to pro NFL and NCAA Division 1 athletes, Olympic swimmers and Pro golfers, Lani specializes in structural massage and obtaining high end clients. Lani exudes expertise in the massage therapy industry as a therapist and massage business owner. Since 2001, she has positively impacted the lives of over 40,950+ individuals and over 120+ therapists and counting.

Private Sessions With Lani

Session involves your entire practice

Any areas you are struggling in or any areas you want to grow your business in. From getting more higher paying clients, marketing yourself and setting up your backend systems so repeat clients can easily book with you. Lani walks you through how to legally set your business up, market yourself and get a steady flow of high paying clients!

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