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At Knead Masters we know that you want to be strong and active.

In order to do that, you need to feel healthy, young & move your body freely. The problem is your body aches which makes you feel frustrated and helpless.

We believe you shouldn’t have to live in pain. We understand what it is like to have body aches. You were designed for more.

Stop loosing time with family & friends, feeling worn down and waking up stiff each day. Instead get our system to have more movement, less pain and get your life back.

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Free 7 Day Plan

Are you new? Start here. The perfect companion to manage discomfort and recover faster. Available inside App on Apple or Google Play. Get free moves to relieve tension and stress in your body.
No credit card required, no obligations and keep for life.

The Solossage Membership

The Ultimate Pain Relief Membership. Get the proven pain relief tools, join a massage community for healthy living and take back control of your life. Work closely with Lani to understand your body, what moves will help you with your specific pains and get your unique body map.

The Travel Kit

Grab our essential travel tools for deeper relief. Makes a beautiful gift. Solve your travel kinks, relieve your pain & tension on the go. Eco friendly, light weight and compact. (Bonus Travelssage System included).
Travel Happy.

Hi, I am Lani Fisher.

As a structural massage therapist for pro athletes and owner of Pure Knead Massage (an accredited award winning massage company with 100+ therapists), I understand what it is like for your body to be in pain. Since 2001, I have helped over 40,950+ people (and still counting). I've seen your body aches and know how to fix them. My system is now packaged all up for you in the Knead Masters App. I have a free plan (no credit card required), a Solossage membership option (if you want to go deeper) and The Travel Kit (so you can give the gift of health)!

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  • No credit card required, no obligations and keep for life

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