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The official Knead Masters Academy therapist training. We take the responsibility of being your educators very seriously. As a Knead Masters student you will get our renowned massage training programs, join a massage community and have the massage tools you need to thrive.

Our promise is that you will start seeing improvements from the very start. Plus you will quickly create positive change in yourself and those around you.

Our vision at Knead Masters Academy:


We at Knead Masters pride ourselves on our five core values:

  1. HEALTH comes first. Make yourself a priority. We promote positivity, healthy eating and daily movement above all.
  2. EMPOWERMENT: Value yourself, your clients and your community. Give yourself the information and the tools to thrive.
  3. GROWTH: Create the space for continual growth, learning, and improvement.
  4. CONFIDENCE: Believe in yourself (and each other) regardless of what obstacles exist.
  5. COMMUNITY: Lead by example. Servant leadership with commitment to community and team.
Collectively, these values make up our core philosophies and principles that drive our academy and help us thrive.

Hi, I'm Lani

(LMT, Business Owner, Mentor and Coach for Massage Therapists and Bodyworkers)

Since 2001, I have helped over 35,000+ people (including professional athletes). As a structural massage therapist and owner of Pure Knead Massage, an accredited award winning massage company with 100+ therapists, I’ve seen your body aches.

I created a Knead Masters Academy to enhance massage professionals. A profession that fully engages the senses, the physical self, requires emotional maturity, and at the same time leaves your clients in a more empowered stance. It is hard to beat.

The future of health is changing. Be a part of the movement, create wellness for yourself (and the world). Help others, help yourself to live pain free. 

Hi, I'm Melinda

(Business Owner, COO, Business and Marketing Coach)

Providing guidance and expertise to help massage coaches grow their business, improve their marketing strategies and achieve their goals. I work with individual therapists or teams to address specific challenges, develop effective strategies and increase revenue.

As the owner of a business development agency and COO at Robbins-Madanes Training, I feel the impact my body endures from traveling, sitting for long hours and being in front of the computer. Massage therapists are always “fixing” me. We realized the need to help these therapists grow and also implement a self care system.

Melinda has partnered with renowned  massage therapist, Lani Fisher to form the Knead Masters Academy, which is dedicated to providing superior massage training and self care solutions. 

Melinda DePalma

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