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Two best friend becoming wellness advocates for health across the world. Meet Lani & Melinda, we help you solve body pain using a simple self massage system to feel better and live better.

Our vision at Knead Masters:


We at Knead Masters pride ourselves on our five core values:

  1. HEALTH comes first. Make yourself a priority. We promote positivity, healthy eating and daily movement above all.

  2. EMPOWERMENT: Value team members and your tribe. Give them the information and the tools they need to thrive.

  3. GROWTH: Create the space for continual growth, learning, and improvement.

  4. CONFIDENCE: Believe in yourself (and each other) regardless of what obstacles exist.

  5. COMMUNITY: Lead by example. Servant leadership with commitment to community and team.
Collectively, these values make up our core philosophies and principles that drive our business and help us thrive.

Hi, I'm Lani Fisher.

(Knead Masters Co-Founder)

Since 2001, I have helped over 35,000+ people (including professional athletes). As a structural massage therapist and owner of an accredited award winning massage company with 100+ therapists, I’ve seen your body aches.

I created a simple self massage system to bring you pain relief, so you can feel better and live better.

The future of health is changing. Be a part of the movement, create wellness for yourself (and the world). You shouldn’t have to live in pain. 

Hi, I'm Melinda DePalma.

(Knead Masters Co-Founder)

Optimizing business operations and leveraging technology to increase efficiency are my specialty. I develop and implement our systems and growth strategies, while helping to manage the organization wide impact.

As a technology professional and owner of a digital launch agency, I feel the impact my body endures from traveling, sitting for long hours and being in front of the computer. Lani was always “fixing” me. We realized the need for a simple self care solution.

This is what we all need. Small daily, seemingly insignificant habits, when done consistently over time, yield miraculous results. The power of health is in our hands. This is self care made simple!

Melinda DePalma

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