HOW TO SLEEP BETTER: Improve your sleep quality with these 5 tricks

What’s the secret to having an energy-filled and productive day? 

You probably answered a good morning routine. 

That’s true. 

But you’ll be surprised to know that the most important part of your morning routine actually starts from the night before. Sleep is an essential element to keep your whole day on track. Allowing your body enough time to rest significantly boosts your mood, energy levels, work performance, health, and social interactions. Basically, the quality of your life.

How much sleep varies from person to person but as a general rule, most adults require seven to eight hours a night.

Unfortunately, when insomnia hits, it hits hard and can derail us from having not just a great next day but affects us for weeks, even months, at a time.

And it’s not an unusual encounter. Around 70 million Americans are experiencing some kind of sleep disorder. Insomnia is the most common, with 30% of adults experiencing short-term insomnia. 

Short-term insomnia is usually triggered by stress, diet, or travel (timezones changing) and can improve after several weeks. The good thing is, you don’t have the resign yourself to just waiting. If you can’t count how many day’s you’ve had trouble sleeping, here are five tested ways of managing your insomnia and getting back to sleep once and for all.

  1. Create an environment conducive to sleep.

Designing an atmosphere to help you relax is often underrated but very effective! Most recommend lighting a candle, turning on the humidifier with the scent of lavender, snuggling inside a comfy blanket, playing some meditation or spa music, and relaxing your muscles to release tension. These things help soothe the senses and allow your mind to be still. Hopefully still enough for you to doze off to sleep. Don’t forget to turn off your candle though!

  1. Keep a sleep diary.

Documenting your sleep is a great way to understand your rest patterns. There are a lot of smart devices that can help but you can still do it through the simplest way – keeping a diary. Track your bedtime, wake-up time, length of time to fall asleep, sleep interruptions, and perceived sleep quality. This way, you’ll know what you need to adjust or understand the factors that disrupt your usual rest time. If you need to consult with a doctor, this will help guide them in recommending treatments.

  1. Avoid screens two hours before going to bed.

Just like a good morning routine, you need to develop a consistent wind-down routine at night to help signal your body that it’s time to rest. Reserve two hours every night before bedtime to do this and be consistent. Instead of scrolling through your phone, we suggest taking a hot shower, doing your skincare, journaling, and reading a few chapters of your current read. Aside from helping you sleep, creating a sacred time for yourself can also help with anxiety.

  1. Do not consume chemicals that disrupt sleep.

The things you consume have a significant effect on your ability to get a good night’s rest. Alcohol and nicotine are known to be sleep saboteurs and even if you fall asleep, your normal sleep cycles will be disrupted. Caffeine, as we all know, will keep your eyes wide open so avoid them if you want to get some sleep.

  1. Try massaging your ears to sleep better. 

For a guaranteed good night’s sleep, you need a relaxed mind. And ear massage has been known to have a relaxing effect on the body. The method of using your fingers to touch pressure points on the body is a DIY version of acupuncture called acupressure that can help you improve the quality of your sleep. 

Try these tips today and return to your normal routine in no time. Ultimately, listening to what your body needs and making healthy decisions are the best ways to help you get back on track. Hope you get some sleep better tonight!

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. This article has not been medically reviewed. We recommend that you talk with your doctor as this is not personal medical advice.

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