Do you love traveling but hate the body pains?

Don’t worry, it’s not unusual, and we do too. Traveling is a great way to relax and to recharge. Seeing new sceneries, opening up to new experiences, and interacting with the locals make every trip worthwhile. But how can you truly get the best trip experience if traveling takes a toll on our bodies?

Before reaching your planned destination and turning on vacation mode, you might have to endure some travel troubles – sitting or standing for too long, getting cramped in a space without much room, and the hassle of carrying your heavy baggage. These are all too common, but it doesn’t mean that you have to spend the day grunting or suffering from body aches.

The most typical pains that we get from traveling are: spasms, cramps, tingling, and knots. Some feel sharp or dull pains when moving a muscle, or numbness due to a pinched nerve, but whatever muscle pain it is, we have the solution for you. You can actually plan ahead the trip to prevent the pain overshadowing the joy of traveling.

Here are some of our tips to make traveling pain-free and enjoyable:

  1. Support your back

It doesn’t matter if it’s going to be a long trip or not, it’s important to make sure that your posture is correct and you’re comfortable on your seat. You can bring a pillow for lumbar support, or even use a folded blanket or jacket to help you prevent back discomfort that might extend to shoulder and neck pain.

  1. Pick the right outfit (and shoes)

You read it right! Aside from choosing a gorgeous pair of boots, or matching your scarves with your gloves, you have to pick an outfit that will allow you to move freely. Comfortable shoes matter when you travel. While waiting for your next flight or ride, use the time to walk and do stretches to prepare you for the next hours of your journey.

  1. Choose the right luggage

Carrying heavy bags from one place to another is exhausting. You might also strain your arms and shoulders from doing so. That’s why choosing the right luggage is important when planning your trip. Using suitcases with wheels is much better to avoid carrying heavy bags all the time.

  1. Take breaks while driving

If you chose to travel via land and drive to see more of nature, you have to remember that it’s better to take a break every hour rather than getting there quicker with heavy shoulders and lower back pain. Taking breaks aren’t just for pictures and checking your emails, but also for doing back stretches and minimal walking. 

  1. Bring Knead Masters Travel Kit with you

And what else could be a better tip than bringing your own massage kit? The Travel Kit will help you loosen the knots and prevent muscle tension. And the best part is, these eco-friendly massage balls are compact, light weight and come with a travel pouch so you can easily bring it everywhere you go. 

With the tips above, your trip will be a memorable one because of how you enjoyed the trip and not because of how your body pains acted up. Listen to your body and treat it well. We hope you have an amazing and pain-free trip with your loved ones!

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. This article has not been medically reviewed. We recommend that you talk with your doctor as this is not personal medical advice.

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